The 2020 Audi A3 is a luxury performance sedan that really has quite a bit going for it. If you are looking for power, you will find it in the 2.0-liter turbo engine that is built into the design of this car. It is front-wheel drive only, but it accelerates nicely when you are ready to leave others behind.

The remarkable thing about the Audi A3 is that it is competitively priced. You will get quite a bit for the money that you pay, which makes it rather appealing to many buyers in Taunton. The next time you are near Mattie Audi, stop in and take a look at some of these features.

Audi Style

Let's talk about style for a moment. The Audi A3 contains many features that are in line with higher priced Audi models. This includes the angular LED lights that have become a fixture on the latest sedans that have hit the market. These really look sharp against the modern grille that has been designed for this latest model. You are sure to have many people notice this feature as you drive around town.

Another feature that you will notice with the new Audi A3 is the 18-inch wheels. These are standard on most of the latest models. This provides a sleek look that fits the car nicely. You can customize the wheels if you wish, or just opt to keep the standard look. Either way, you will notice that Audi put a lot of effort into creating an even more upscale look with this particular model.

Audi Design

Dartmouth shoppers will find that the interior of the car is built to be simple and streamlined. While it does have many of the technological features that you would expect today, it is not as loud and busy as many sedans in this class are. The infotainment screen is a pop-up variety. This means that you can stow it away when you are not using it, creating a pristine cabin feel that is organized and quite simple.

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